Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Summer Part III

I almost finished up my summer posts before summer ended. But, I got distracted by a major blessing in our lives (coming in a future blog). Last 4th of July I made Rory a festive tutu - I was in my tutu stage. This year I decided to try my hand at korkers and a pillowcase top. I also spent a little time jazzing up $3 flip flops from Old Navy. The shoes were her favorite (she take after me). I had a lot of fun with all these projects and they were so easy and stress free. Even the top!

In Benson, we celebrated Independence day on Saturday the 3rd. I'm not sure why people seemed so surprised or upset; it's not like it doesn't happen every time the 4th falls on a Sunday. Landon and I even ran into each other at a 3rd of July party 6 years ago.

We started the morning at our traditional parade watching spot, my nana and tata's house. They live towards the end of the parade route so candy can sometimes be scarce at that point. But, they're yard is pretty perfect for watching and who needs a ton of candy anyways?

I thought Rory looked extra cute! After the Parade we went to our annual Sherwart hotdog lunch. It was a good time, as usual, until Rory got into a bowl of salt. She went to grab the bowl and took in a face full of salt. :( It was in her mouth, up her nose, and in her eyes. She even threw up, but she learned a pretty valuable lesson about grabbing at things on the counter.

After a much needed nap and a quick set of laundry (had to wash Rory's top) we headed to the park for fireworks. My family always watches them from the side of the Ramada. It's not really that packed and close enough that ash doesn't fall on you. This was Rory's first time. I felt she was old enough that she wasn't go to get scared. She didn't. She got bossy. She really liked to fireworks at first, but after a while got bored. As boredom kicked in she decided to continually tell the fireworks to, "STOP!" It was a pretty funny end to our day. :)

The rest of our summer was spent swimming. Rory still loves water and thinks she's an expert swimmer. She even jumps in off the side! I don't know how I ended up with such a fearless kid (I'm a worry wart), but I'm pretty sure she's going to give me a couple ulcers. ;)

Rory and Grammie.

Well, this rounds up our summer. Rory's birthday and my 'distraction' are still to come!

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